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There has been a proclamation from heaven of new things into the earth. Vast changes are taking place throughout the global church. We are continually moving into New Dimensions of understanding in regards to our perceptions, faith and partnership with God to bring His purposes into full maturity in the earth.

Its true to say, that many are talking about the new Apostolic Reformation, some have called this the Apostolic and Prophetic Movement. This new Apostolic Reformation will bring about the removal of many made traditions within the church and re-establish what enhances His Kingdom. Read More

IAAC Executive Council

Dr. Alan Pateman (LICU)

IAAC Founder & President, and Educational Consultant

Dr. Benjamin Asare (WMM)

Executive Director of IAAC, and Professionals Association

Dr. Ralph N. Tioni (IRMM)

Executive Director of IAAC, and International Education Outreach

Why Join..?

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This Biblical principle of the separation of State and Church is indicated by Christ when He said, "...Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar´s, and to God the things that are God´s...?" (Mk 12:17).

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Today´s World

Succeeding in Today´s World, it is undeniably true that the most successful students and ministers now come from schools that are birthed by Apostolic Ministries.

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Annual Conference

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Our History

Our school was built in 1950, it was built of white brick.

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